Tuesday, May 17, 2011

 it's been an extremely tough week with alot of sadness for me that i just haven't known what to do with.

the last time i was here, i talked about the newest addition to my family...a kitty - pooki.  we got him for our cat rocky who is a year old.  we thought he'd like the company.  the first few days, rocky couldn't really be bothered but then he definitely seemed to take a liking to pooki.

a week ago was the last time i saw rocky.  sometimes he sleeps inside at night and other times he doesn't.  he chose.  he has a bed in the shed which is about 50 feet from our house and sometimes he was still on the prowl and didn't come when called in at bedtime.  he was always there when i got up though.  last wednesday, he wasn't.  i spent the day calling him and going through the woods searching.  he has been neutered and hasn't ever wandered far or for long. we've got 8 acres and alot of places to play.  i thought he'd come back but he didn't.

last thursday, i was really starting to worry.  i had to work but afterward, the same thing - lots of searching and calling to no avail.

last friday, i couldn't even work.  i was heartsick!  i made posters and hung them around.  talked to neighbors. we are isolated with not alot of neighbors but i was hoping maybe he got stuck in someone's garage or something.  i called local vets but no sign of him.

i don't know what to do.... i am so sad.  how do you reconcile that one day he is here and the next he is just gone.  i have had lots of animals.  i've loved them all but some of them have been extra special.  a very strong bond - deep in my heart. rocky is there.

so, my husband said now we need to get another kitty - for pooki.  i didn't want to.  in fact, i'm having trouble with pooki.  i don't want to let him out of my sight. i feel guilty when i play with him or when he touches my heart or makes me laugh. i want my rocky.

but we went to the humane society anyway and chose a little girl - rosie.  she's a little sweetie and it was a good decision cause she and pooki are having a blast.

this is all good but i am getting depressed.  every day that goes by without rocky, the sadness deepens.  i guess i just have to wait it out.  and continue to hope.  i've heard stories of cats returning home long after they disappeared.  maybe that will be the case.


  1. Pat, I'm so sorry to hear about Rocky, we had a similar afternoon when we thought our new cat was gone,( the cable man left the back door ajar.) 2 hours of frantic neighbourhood search turned up nothing only to find her hiding in the basement when we got home. I think we were both close to tears and that was only 2 hours' worth, can't imagine your pain and anguish. I can only say that I understand how you feel and perhaps I can hope with you that Rocky might come home yet. xoxo

  2. my thoughts are with you and Rocky and I hope that he comes back safe and sound :)
    hugs to you Pat xx



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