Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas

merry christmas & happy holiday wishes to all......

peace, love, blessings, thanks, wishes, heart, friends, family, hope, faith, play, home, healing, security, joy, play...... inspiring thoughts in no particular order!

we had the first of several family gatherings yesterday.....

snow queen!

family fun!


finishing touches!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

inspiration avenue weekly challenge.... peaches & cream

i've been sick this week so i originally was gonna opt out of submitting an entry for this week's challenge. first i thought i had one of the nasty flus but i don't think so now. i never had a fever & i think i've recovered too quickly for the flu. oh well... i almost wish it had been to get it over with but now i still can look forward to it! joy!

my lovely husband brought me a bouquet of flowers to cheer me & what do you know... there were some beautiful "peachy" roses.

so first i made a card....

i've been wanting to learn how to use photoshop elements & so i got out my new book ... "for dummies" & played around with some of the filters.  i really love the watercolor one....

so then i was "inspired" to take it a little further & i attached it to a canvas board & added some gel medium for texture....

there is so much talent on inspiration avenue so pop on over & see this week's entries....

Friday, December 4, 2009

photo of the week.....wall art

there's a little nearby town where i frequently go to hang out with my camera.  there's a beach & a few downtown streets full of wall art. jessica rogers does a weekly photo submission where members of the poe & polaroid teams submit a photo taken that week.  it's lots of fun & we totally appreciate her hard work.  go on over to her blog & take a look at this weeks' entries.  you can see the tile art she's been doing too.... beautiful work!


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