Tuesday, May 17, 2011

 it's been an extremely tough week with alot of sadness for me that i just haven't known what to do with.

the last time i was here, i talked about the newest addition to my family...a kitty - pooki.  we got him for our cat rocky who is a year old.  we thought he'd like the company.  the first few days, rocky couldn't really be bothered but then he definitely seemed to take a liking to pooki.

a week ago was the last time i saw rocky.  sometimes he sleeps inside at night and other times he doesn't.  he chose.  he has a bed in the shed which is about 50 feet from our house and sometimes he was still on the prowl and didn't come when called in at bedtime.  he was always there when i got up though.  last wednesday, he wasn't.  i spent the day calling him and going through the woods searching.  he has been neutered and hasn't ever wandered far or for long. we've got 8 acres and alot of places to play.  i thought he'd come back but he didn't.

last thursday, i was really starting to worry.  i had to work but afterward, the same thing - lots of searching and calling to no avail.

last friday, i couldn't even work.  i was heartsick!  i made posters and hung them around.  talked to neighbors. we are isolated with not alot of neighbors but i was hoping maybe he got stuck in someone's garage or something.  i called local vets but no sign of him.

i don't know what to do.... i am so sad.  how do you reconcile that one day he is here and the next he is just gone.  i have had lots of animals.  i've loved them all but some of them have been extra special.  a very strong bond - deep in my heart. rocky is there.

so, my husband said now we need to get another kitty - for pooki.  i didn't want to.  in fact, i'm having trouble with pooki.  i don't want to let him out of my sight. i feel guilty when i play with him or when he touches my heart or makes me laugh. i want my rocky.

but we went to the humane society anyway and chose a little girl - rosie.  she's a little sweetie and it was a good decision cause she and pooki are having a blast.

this is all good but i am getting depressed.  every day that goes by without rocky, the sadness deepens.  i guess i just have to wait it out.  and continue to hope.  i've heard stories of cats returning home long after they disappeared.  maybe that will be the case.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

a fabulous weekend

god gave me a gift of a wonderful weekend!

i've been feeling somewhat punky again this week...
the impact of an auto immune disorder is that there are good days and then there are the bad days.
unfortunately lately, i've been having more bad than good.
but not this weekend!
i feel great!

starting yesterday morning at a garden club sale...
we filled our arms with heirloom tomatoes and tons of perennials.
we found these really cool gourd birdhouses and this morning i painted them....

upon waking this morning, my hubby presented me with a bouquet of flowers he picked off a tree in our yard.
i think it's a verbena but i'm not sure.  they have a beautiful, sweet aroma...

i spent a few hours putting some photos on wood blocks in preparation for an art show later this month.
i think i may list some in my etsy shop as well...

i did run out and get a new bed for pooki.
it has a fuzzy little ball attached and he had a blast playing with it...

this afternoon i got a delivery from incredible edibles...
sent by my daughter straight from texas!
thanks manda... you're the greatest!

a yummy fruit basket with pineapple, strawberries and grapes...

a happy mother's day phone call from my son,
a happy mother's day visit from my stepson...

a perfect weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2011

it's friday

i just love spring flowers!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


usually my hubby is home long before me but today he was not here when i arrived home from work.  i thought well this is great, i don't have to jump right in with the stories of my day.  

don't get me wrong... i love chatting with my honey but some days i just want to chill just a bit first. so i plopped down on the couch... turned on judge judy and was just starting to veg.

within minutes, he came bursting through the door... "come on, lets take a ride, i want to show you something"!

oh well, off came my slippers...

let me introduce our new family member...pooki!

so he's finding his spot with the rest of the kids...lucy, spanky and rocky.

we had been talking lately about getting a buddy for rocky and i quess today was the day.  
the decision was made.
cause that's how we do it!

isn't he just beautiful???

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

windmill play

so i had a few minutes to play before settling down with my honey to watch glee and our newest fav

 a photo i took last fall in arizona...

nice enough shot, kinda plain, not too much interest, right?

so this is with a little soft toffee action, high opacity....

this has a little color pop and a texture....

this is a classic vintage action....

i can appreciate each one for it's own mood!

do you have a favorite?

Monday, May 2, 2011

flower market

happy first monday in may!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

angel faces

i'm just a wee bit behind in my blogging.... again!
i've been working alot of overtime this last month and thank goodness it's over!
it really wasn't something i wanted to do but my manager was on a medical leave so i had to pick up more
responsibilities... therefore more hours.
the most exciting part is i used some of the extra cash to buy a new lens.
i've been out in the yard this morning, thoroughly enjoying the much awaited for sunshine, playing around with the "sweet spot".  i'll be sure to share some photos soon.

breaking news.... starting today through may 7th, the gals and i on the inspiration avenue team are auctioning pieces of their art to raise money for angel faces,  a non profit organization that provides healing retreats to teenage girls with facial disfigurements.  if you have a moment to check out their site, you will leave there feeling inspired and full of hope.

my contribution, up for bid, is a set of four photographs taken nearby at the beach.  i love the light and serenity in these photos.  perfect for cottage or beach decor...

there are lots of goodies available for bid with all monies going to angel faces.

mixed media, paintings, a cane, photography, jewelry, an art doll and a music box.

the bidding on these starts at $35.00.  free shipping too!

i am so into raising money for this worthy cause  that i am offering a little thank you to anyone who
bids on any item over at the auction.
come back and let me know and i'll send you a free 5x5 print... your choice!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday nap

think i'll join him...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

march 365 project

just finished my first month of daily photos for project 365 .... well not a full month cause i started in the middle... and i did miss a few days... but for me, this was great!

happy sunday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

goodies in the mail

i am such a bad girl!

back in late january, i participated in the OWOH blog event and won!  not one but two gifts....

i received my prizes very quickly in february and here it is almost april before i am giving a proper thank you!

i am not totally rude cause i did thank the givers at the time but i do think it's important to recognize them here.... after all, it was a blog event.

i got these super cool fingerless mittens from amy of knitter of hats speaks.

my favorite colors are blue and green and these are just perfect! 
thank you amy!

so on another day, i was delighted to receive this friendly card in the mail with an atc card tucked inside from jennifer of just jingle.

from reading her blog, she is a talented crafter with such a bubbly spirit.
thank you jennifer!

last year, i participated in a pay it forward event and was informed by kathy of
tapestry 316 that i would receive a gift of art sometime during the year.  a surprise!
she is a watercolor artist with amazing skill at bringing nature to life in her art.

it was an absolute delight to receive these....

this is my spanky

 and lucy!

these are the photos i had posted on my blog at earlier times...

like i said....AMAZING!
thank you so much kathy!  what a beautiful gift from the heart!

a couple months ago, i participated in a photo swap started up by a sweetie
carrie from cherry blossom tattoo

this was chatted about here.

so i've received my second swap from jessica.
her etsy photography shop jessamae22 is full of beautiful work and she sent me these....

thanks jessica!  i love them!

to wrap it up... i am one lucky girl full of gratitude for these delightful gifts!
i hope you'll take a moment to visit them all!
happy sunday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

project 365

i'm feeling really good about keeping up with taking a photo each day although i'm not doing so well with posting each day. oh well....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

i'm trying to stay focused on my commitment to take a photo a day. it's a little difficult cause it's dark when i leave for work in the morning and almost dark when i return home.  that will soon change and i can't wait...

this weekend we plan to clean out all the birdhouses to prepare for the new spring families.

i took this about 30 minutes ago with a florabella vintage action.

gotta run... my hubby and i are heading out to dinner to my favorite thai restaurant.  yummy! 

thanks for stopping by and i hope you all have a good evening!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

it's clear to me now that i'm ok

i often say to myself that i am looking for "balance" in my life...

i decided to look up the definition to see if that's the correct word  for what i'm experiencing.

these terms popped right off the page...."a state of equilibrium", "equal distribution" and "mental steadiness or emotional stability".  then because i like to know the dictionary definitions of things, i looked up "equilibrium".
it says "an equal action of opposing forces", and "an equal balance of powers and influences".

now i feel better because i don't know anyone who has found balance.... so i think i'll stop searching!

the next word that i'll look up is "scattered".  but i'll leave that for another day....

i started the 365 project today to help my focus and to keep me in the moment....

this was taken this morning while playing with my rocky.  he is always on the prowl...

it seems some people doing the 365 pick a theme like clouds or flowers or frogs and they take a photo each day, or they chronicle their photography progress, or use it like an art journal or daily diary.  for me, i think i'm going to use it to help my focus. no specific plans... just take and post a photo each and every day!

i'm exhausted thinking more about all the things yet to be done and i need to appreciate more what i am doing...

think it'll work???

Friday, March 11, 2011

global connection

my tiny way of saying my thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this tragedy.

i feel shame for complaining all winter long about the ice and snow.... i have a home, i know where my loved ones are and we're all safe!

food for thought!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


this winter has been a tough one.... too much ice and snow and frigid temps.  she gives me hope for what is to come!


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