Monday, May 31, 2010

etsy treasuries

i haven't really had much time over the past few weeks to enjoy what used to be a favorite, relaxing time for me.... explore etsy & build treasuries.  i'm not sure what is going on with the new test treasury east but it seems to be attracting alot of attention.  i sat down yesterday & right away noticed the main treasury was open just waiting for a title.  that's never happened to me before... so i quickly started with what immediately came to my mind.... "soft like a baby's bun".

available here

friends had just been visiting & these are shots of jillian.... my inspiration for the title..... my first diaper change in years btw!

so then i went back to exploring & found treasury west just sitting open.... my goodness... 2 treasuries in a row without any prep.  so a quick thought to one of my favorite colors... blue!

available here

so does anyone know the scoop on the treasuries???  i just looked at the number of tw lists as i was doing the screenshot & there are only 108 lists.  is that fading out & being replaced by treasury east?  & what do you know about it?  i can't figure out how to find people you know so you can see their treasuries.  any help from the knowledgeable etsy treasury lovers would be much appreciated....

btw, i am a volunteer contributor over on the photographers of etsy blog.  my project is "mosaic monday" so each week, on monday, i will be showcasing some great poe team photography works.  i've been doing it for the past month so go on over if you would & take a look.  your feedback would be much appreciated, my friends! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

inspiration avenue weekly challenge: melange

i am the host of this week's challenge over at inspiration avenue & i picked the theme.... melange.  do you know that word?  i didn't but was quite thrilled with the definition:

assortment, conglomeration, gallimaufy , hodgepodge, jumble, medley, miscellany, mishmash, mixed bag, mixture, olio, pasticcio, pastiche, patchwork, potpourri, salmagundi, variety.

so without any more fancy words.... here is my salmagundi ......

a mixture of wallpaper, scanned photos, rubberstamping & clay.  so be sure to hop on over to see the results.  maybe next week you'll be inspired to hop on board & play!

Monday, May 17, 2010

doodle mess butt freckle

doodle mess butt freckle.... say that 3 times!

first treasury in weeks.  sat down to check things out & what do you know... treasury time!!!

feeling just a bit silly tonight.... so appropro....

main treasury until thursday morning.... feel free to go visit!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

such busy beavers, we are

yesterday was a full day of running around & then working in the yard..... yeah it's that wedding thing again!

my husband & i started the day at home depot for the whiskey barrels we want to plant flowers in .....  then off to our local hardware store to get a pole saw & weed wacker line.  you may be thinking, why 2 stops....why not get everything at the home depot?  well, my sweetheart strongly believes in supporting our local businesses so therefore.... 2 stops!  not that i don't usually do the same thing... you know...(buy handmade, support local small business) but i would have passed without much of a guilty conscience to save time...

next stop was the job lot.  we're looking for very specific square clay planters to match what we've started on the deck.  wasted trip!  wasted 30 minutes & 15 miles!

next stop was a local nursery run by father & son where we picked up impatiens & begonias for one of the new gardens. another support the local man when we could've gotten them at home depot. but they don't sell anything but flowers so we were off to another nursery for the hostas we need for a shade garden.  another 20 miles & 90 minutes.

back to the home depot to get a couple of small hibiscus trees for the patio.  let me see... how many miles & minutes are we up to now?

with all the new areas that need plantings, our heads are spinning with visions & needed decisions.  we're trying to keep focus on a few areas at a time.  therefore, probably many more trips as our visions spread!

all together our "adventure" took 5 hours!  with the pick up loaded with our goodies, we arrived home to start the real work!  whew!

well, it was a productive day,  we had a great time together, supported our locals, got lots of goodies & planted up some gardens & planters.

now today.... the pole saw & weed wacker are calling our names!

i took lots of photos so later i'll be uploading & sharing but for now the only visual  i've got is this....

i scanned the postage stamps (one of the stops i forgot to mention).  they are the best i've seen in awhile!  um, i wonder how you get to be chosen to design a stamp?  i would love that.... in my dreams!

happy sunday!  see ya all later!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bedtime play

well, i'm heading off to bed after a long, long day.  checked my email & planned to take a quick peek through my pics from this weekend.  we visited another nursery & home depot in our quest to a paradise garden for the wedding. i, of course was more focused on taking pictures while my husband was deep in thought in planning mode......

                      ahhh!  these are the happy moments i talk about!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

sweet succulent

happy saturday night!!!  it's a beautiful one here.... all my windows are open with a nice cool breeze!  wanted to share my newest listing in my etsy shop....

i also submitted this to jessica rogers blog "photo of the week".  go on over & take a look at some pretty cool photos from the poe team.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

the wedding project continues's been over 2 weeks since i've written anything! lots going on here since the last time i wrote.  we're on the count down.... less than 2 months to the wedding.

after the backhoes and dump trucks & tractor left, we had to make a decision between sod or hydroseed in order to have a beautiful lawn for the big day.  we have about 6000 square feet to cover so we researched price, growth time and maintenance to help us decide.  we ended up choosing hydroseed as the success rate is higher and we've had a little trouble with sod in the past.  either way the real key is water...water...and more water!  my dear hubby spent his weekend moving around sprinklers from dawn to dusk.  thank you dear and thank you god for the rain today!!!




we made a few trips to the local nurseries on sunday & i'm so excited with my finds!

                                                  traditional phlox.....


                                              the wave petunia.....

we are soooo happy with our daughter amanda & soon to be son, matt & we want to make a garden of eden just for their special day!

                             i'm not sure of the real name but its an "onion"

                                           some sort of passion flower.....


so amanda & matt, we're working our little butts off here & loving every minute of it!

they've made their own web site (amazing what we can do on the internet!!!) & they'll be tracking the progress there at the best wedding ever.  these are 2 great kids & they deserve the most wonderful day to celebrate when 2 become 1!


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