Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happiness is....

It's been a wild week. My daughter and her husband are here from Texas and my sister in law is visiting from Florida. She hasn't spent a Xmas with her brother in 30 years so they're pretty jazzed!

The festivities started on Wednesday evening with the tree trimming.  I love this the best!  We put on my favorite Martina McBride Xmas CD and got busy!

Thursday morning brought running around doing the last minute shopping thing.   Not my favorite but it had to be done.  In the evening, we had our new in laws over for snacks and a good time.  The kids enjoyed their treats.

Friday morning came with a quick dash to the grocery store for all the dinner fixins. My  hubby always does a slamming Zuppa di peace. I will take credit for the pancakes and bacon on the griddle. I hate to cook but it was the least I could do... You know... The holiday spirit of giving thing!

Eleven hungry quests and I must say I was the hostess with the mostest!

Saturday was a day of rest in between a few drop in visits. We all played with our treats brought by Santa. I am writing this on my Ipad. My hubby got it for me so I can hang out more with him and still do all my fun cyber things.

Today I am thrilled cause I've been waiting for the first snow and snow we are having. A real live blizzard. We did get out for a walk before the wind got too strong and I got to take my first 2010 snow pics.

I couldn't be happier!  Blessings and happy wishes to all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

acts of kindness

a few days ago, i was in line at the grocery store behind two shoppers.  the first was a woman who was purchasing $190.00 mostly made up of junk food, soda, snacks etc.  i'm not judging her selections but it plays into my observations.  the next person was an elderly woman who was buying 2 bags of cheese.  she had 2 dollar bills and a plastic vial of pennies, nickels and dimes.  she kept counting and recounting the change.  my heart was aching for this woman as it appeared she was concerned she didn't have enough money for her cheese.

i wanted to step in and pay for it but held back.  my head was spinning... would i embarass her, make her feel uncomfortable in any way, hurt her pride?  i have given money to people in a grocery store before.  it's one of those things that i feel compelled to do at times.  my life is full of blessings and i can afford to share a little.  usually i'll approach a person who is shopping with kids, hand them some money, say a quick greeting and then walk away. this was different because there were people around....

i didn't do anything this time, she had enough to buy the cheese, and life goes on.  it is still playing in my head though.

why do we have to live this way?  shouldn't  food, shelter (and i'll add healthcare here) be a basic right?  it appears not.  this is not a political statement although i do have strong feelings of it's part.  this is a mere story of the reality of conditions that exist and what we can do for each other as humans.  

i shared this with my daughter who connected with it on the same level as i.  she is saddened by the disparities that exist in our society.  she told me her own experience she had a few days earlier.  she and her husband belong to a church that does alot of outreach.  they had shopped for sleeping bags and went as a group to an area of houston where there is a large amount of homeless people.  she said she cried as she experienced her little part in sharing some warmth for these people.  she's a first grade teacher in a poverty stricken area of texas where everyday she sees the unfortunate circumstances her little ones experience at home.  she, in her own way, tries to lighten their loads. she is full of kind words, compliments, and hugs and smiles.

there are two reasons that i'm sharing this story...

in hope that others will pause a moment and look around.  what better time than this holiday season to provide a "random act of kindness". a smile, a compliment, a hug, a few dollars, a sleeping bag, some food.

a small thing can make a big difference....

amanda, honey, i am so proud of the woman you are!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the holiday blues

well i have to admit that when it comes to xmas shopping i am one that waits till the last days to hit the stores.  it's not because i'm hoping to get a last minute deal that lots of the stores advertise but i just hate shopping!  this year, i've done a bit of etsy shopping and will hit the streets just for one time next week to finish up.

i'm really liking the circle thing on etsy mostly because i'm seeing so many cool things that i probably wouldn't find otherwise.  there are some really beautiful gift guide treasuries too. i just finished one the holiday blues which features a few beautiful photographs from the female photographers of etsy team

i'd like to say a little something about jennifer whose shop gildinglilies is one of my favorite selections for a treasury.  i don't really know her but i do know something about her.  she contacted me and thanked me for featuring her gorgeous wreath in the treasury and was hoping i didn't have the holiday blues.  now that is really sweet!  i am a lousy description writer but jennifer really has a way of relating the inspirations behind her work. i can tell she is warm, open and genuine.....

jennifer said when she took this, she was so excited and giddy and it took her breath away.... can't you just feel that?

i love the dreamy, ethereal emotion in these...

and no jennifer, i don't have the blues but thanks for asking!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the weather forcast

i'm feeling a little under the weather today.  my husband asked me "what does that really mean?" what is the difference between being under the weather and on top of the weather.  i said i don't know what it is to be on top of the weather.  he said he was coining the phrase and he was feeling on top of the weather and i better join him if i knew what was good for me.  he made me laugh.  he often does.  he's a wonderful husband and i am blessed. i'm still feeling under the weather but a little bit better....

my latest cheery treasury...  the gift stasher 
think i'll take a nap now....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

housekeeping tips

after spending a grueling day preparing for a christmas party i'm having in less than 48 hours....
i have just a couple really important tips that i recommend....

first - take off your glasses
and second - don't move anything.

there - that's it.  simple enough.

i will take my own advice next time.

have a great night!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a long hiatus

wow! my last post was back in august.  at that time, my life had been a tad more hectic than i was able to manage so i planfully decided to take some time and do some "soul searching".  i needed to prioritize and get back in sync.  i'm sure many of you have been there.

i went back and read some of my last posts and i can see that i was in a not so happy place so surely a break was needed. i also think i got stuck in comparing myself to other bloggers who were exciting, experienced writers who never post anything that isn't captivating and beautiful.

during my "break" (which i started thinking was going to be permanent), i evaluated the purpose of my blog.  when i started, it was a novel idea.  i didn't put much thought into it.  i had opened a shop on etsy and connected with a few women who blogged so it was a way to promote each other and chat.  after awhile, keeping up with posting became a struggle...even a hassle that i didn't quite enjoy.  but i trudged on because i hate quitting anything.  then it really just got to be that i just stopped thinking about it and "it" went away.

so in starting back up i think i've come to the conclusion that blogging for me needs to be simple.  that's basically how i choose to live my life. at work, i am always on the front line, leading and directing a team of people to provide all the required services in the most efficient manner.  i have to!  when i come home to my quiet paradise,  my hubby happily greets me and we spend simple, happy moments just doing nothing much. i am not a super social person and i'm quite content with my family, animals and my routines.

that's how i want to be here.  i think sometimes i may have lots to say and will babble on.  other times i may just want to share a photo with a few words. i'll probably occasionally promote my etsy shop or other people that i admire. i don't really know where i'll go but i do know it will be where i want to be at that moment.

either way,  it will be real for me and possibly inspire or encourage someone else.  that has been probably the most rewarding part of blogging as i have connected with others on a level that i don't usually take the time or the risk to experience in "real life".  i've met some really nice people!

last week i hosted the weekly challenge for inspiration avenue and was totally inspired not only by the creative entries but also by the joy that was evident in the comradery in sharing their talent and words of encouragement and peace. it also was the push i needed to get moving here again.

it seems like maybe this was a night for babbbling so i'll say goodnight for now and leave you with a few pics of where i found my joy today....


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