Thursday, December 16, 2010

the holiday blues

well i have to admit that when it comes to xmas shopping i am one that waits till the last days to hit the stores.  it's not because i'm hoping to get a last minute deal that lots of the stores advertise but i just hate shopping!  this year, i've done a bit of etsy shopping and will hit the streets just for one time next week to finish up.

i'm really liking the circle thing on etsy mostly because i'm seeing so many cool things that i probably wouldn't find otherwise.  there are some really beautiful gift guide treasuries too. i just finished one the holiday blues which features a few beautiful photographs from the female photographers of etsy team

i'd like to say a little something about jennifer whose shop gildinglilies is one of my favorite selections for a treasury.  i don't really know her but i do know something about her.  she contacted me and thanked me for featuring her gorgeous wreath in the treasury and was hoping i didn't have the holiday blues.  now that is really sweet!  i am a lousy description writer but jennifer really has a way of relating the inspirations behind her work. i can tell she is warm, open and genuine.....

jennifer said when she took this, she was so excited and giddy and it took her breath away.... can't you just feel that?

i love the dreamy, ethereal emotion in these...

and no jennifer, i don't have the blues but thanks for asking!


  1. Aww, thank you so much! What sweet thing to say, you made my day! I hope to get to know you much better. And, I am so glad to hear that you don't really have the blues!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays.

  2. what a beautiful deer! her shop is gorgeous Pat!
    I hate the hight street too. I'm not going there this year (fingers crossed) :)
    all handmade and online for me :)


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