Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a long hiatus

wow! my last post was back in august.  at that time, my life had been a tad more hectic than i was able to manage so i planfully decided to take some time and do some "soul searching".  i needed to prioritize and get back in sync.  i'm sure many of you have been there.

i went back and read some of my last posts and i can see that i was in a not so happy place so surely a break was needed. i also think i got stuck in comparing myself to other bloggers who were exciting, experienced writers who never post anything that isn't captivating and beautiful.

during my "break" (which i started thinking was going to be permanent), i evaluated the purpose of my blog.  when i started, it was a novel idea.  i didn't put much thought into it.  i had opened a shop on etsy and connected with a few women who blogged so it was a way to promote each other and chat.  after awhile, keeping up with posting became a struggle...even a hassle that i didn't quite enjoy.  but i trudged on because i hate quitting anything.  then it really just got to be that i just stopped thinking about it and "it" went away.

so in starting back up i think i've come to the conclusion that blogging for me needs to be simple.  that's basically how i choose to live my life. at work, i am always on the front line, leading and directing a team of people to provide all the required services in the most efficient manner.  i have to talk...talk...talk!  when i come home to my quiet paradise,  my hubby happily greets me and we spend simple, happy moments just doing nothing much. i am not a super social person and i'm quite content with my family, animals and my routines.

that's how i want to be here.  i think sometimes i may have lots to say and will babble on.  other times i may just want to share a photo with a few words. i'll probably occasionally promote my etsy shop or other people that i admire. i don't really know where i'll go but i do know it will be where i want to be at that moment.

either way,  it will be real for me and possibly inspire or encourage someone else.  that has been probably the most rewarding part of blogging as i have connected with others on a level that i don't usually take the time or the risk to experience in "real life".  i've met some really nice people!

last week i hosted the weekly challenge for inspiration avenue and was totally inspired not only by the creative entries but also by the joy that was evident in the comradery in sharing their talent and words of encouragement and peace. it also was the push i needed to get moving here again.

it seems like maybe this was a night for babbbling so i'll say goodnight for now and leave you with a few pics of where i found my joy today....


  1. Gorgeous....Beautiful photos and wonderful post! WElcome back..yes enjoy your blog exactly as you wish..create as you wish!! I love your cat photos..what a beuaty!! thanks for your lovely visit!

  2. ~so happy you have come back here to share...always a joy visiting with you has been...to the road that lies ahead...may it be only a nourishing and fulfilling journing...be as you are...and not like any other...cause we like you just as you are! much l♥ve and light always shining brightly upon you~

  3. Pat I like your reasoning! and I love your joy photos!!!

    and I read your latest post so I hope you are now on top of the weather :)

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