Sunday, May 16, 2010

such busy beavers, we are

yesterday was a full day of running around & then working in the yard..... yeah it's that wedding thing again!

my husband & i started the day at home depot for the whiskey barrels we want to plant flowers in .....  then off to our local hardware store to get a pole saw & weed wacker line.  you may be thinking, why 2 stops....why not get everything at the home depot?  well, my sweetheart strongly believes in supporting our local businesses so therefore.... 2 stops!  not that i don't usually do the same thing... you know...(buy handmade, support local small business) but i would have passed without much of a guilty conscience to save time...

next stop was the job lot.  we're looking for very specific square clay planters to match what we've started on the deck.  wasted trip!  wasted 30 minutes & 15 miles!

next stop was a local nursery run by father & son where we picked up impatiens & begonias for one of the new gardens. another support the local man when we could've gotten them at home depot. but they don't sell anything but flowers so we were off to another nursery for the hostas we need for a shade garden.  another 20 miles & 90 minutes.

back to the home depot to get a couple of small hibiscus trees for the patio.  let me see... how many miles & minutes are we up to now?

with all the new areas that need plantings, our heads are spinning with visions & needed decisions.  we're trying to keep focus on a few areas at a time.  therefore, probably many more trips as our visions spread!

all together our "adventure" took 5 hours!  with the pick up loaded with our goodies, we arrived home to start the real work!  whew!

well, it was a productive day,  we had a great time together, supported our locals, got lots of goodies & planted up some gardens & planters.

now today.... the pole saw & weed wacker are calling our names!

i took lots of photos so later i'll be uploading & sharing but for now the only visual  i've got is this....

i scanned the postage stamps (one of the stops i forgot to mention).  they are the best i've seen in awhile!  um, i wonder how you get to be chosen to design a stamp?  i would love that.... in my dreams!

happy sunday!  see ya all later!


  1. ~keep would be a great project and accomplishment if you were chosen...maybe some investigative research will lead you to your opportunity...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. The gardens will be amazing. The stamp is the best one I have seen also and yea, it would be great to have our artwork on a stamp.

  3. beautiful stamps Pat - will look lovely on the envelopes! and it is well worth it to support local, I'm all for that when I can.
    Did you manage to have a lovely coffee stop in those 5 hours?



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