Monday, May 31, 2010

etsy treasuries

i haven't really had much time over the past few weeks to enjoy what used to be a favorite, relaxing time for me.... explore etsy & build treasuries.  i'm not sure what is going on with the new test treasury east but it seems to be attracting alot of attention.  i sat down yesterday & right away noticed the main treasury was open just waiting for a title.  that's never happened to me before... so i quickly started with what immediately came to my mind.... "soft like a baby's bun".

available here

friends had just been visiting & these are shots of jillian.... my inspiration for the title..... my first diaper change in years btw!

so then i went back to exploring & found treasury west just sitting open.... my goodness... 2 treasuries in a row without any prep.  so a quick thought to one of my favorite colors... blue!

available here

so does anyone know the scoop on the treasuries???  i just looked at the number of tw lists as i was doing the screenshot & there are only 108 lists.  is that fading out & being replaced by treasury east?  & what do you know about it?  i can't figure out how to find people you know so you can see their treasuries.  any help from the knowledgeable etsy treasury lovers would be much appreciated....

btw, i am a volunteer contributor over on the photographers of etsy blog.  my project is "mosaic monday" so each week, on monday, i will be showcasing some great poe team photography works.  i've been doing it for the past month so go on over if you would & take a look.  your feedback would be much appreciated, my friends! 

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  1. Hey Pat,
    I think the main treasury *is* TE now, at least that's one that always opens when I go from the link on the main Etsy page. They never expire and they seem to have no limits. So when you do one, you'll be in the first few pages for a day or so, being replaced as other folks put new ones up. One thing I do like about it is when you do one- a TE that is, it has a link on it that shows all the other TE's you've made......other than that, I'm not sure I like it! The old way wasn't always easy to get, but bc of the limits, you were pretty much guaranteed some exposure!



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