Monday, May 3, 2010

the wedding project continues's been over 2 weeks since i've written anything! lots going on here since the last time i wrote.  we're on the count down.... less than 2 months to the wedding.

after the backhoes and dump trucks & tractor left, we had to make a decision between sod or hydroseed in order to have a beautiful lawn for the big day.  we have about 6000 square feet to cover so we researched price, growth time and maintenance to help us decide.  we ended up choosing hydroseed as the success rate is higher and we've had a little trouble with sod in the past.  either way the real key is water...water...and more water!  my dear hubby spent his weekend moving around sprinklers from dawn to dusk.  thank you dear and thank you god for the rain today!!!




we made a few trips to the local nurseries on sunday & i'm so excited with my finds!

                                                  traditional phlox.....


                                              the wave petunia.....

we are soooo happy with our daughter amanda & soon to be son, matt & we want to make a garden of eden just for their special day!

                             i'm not sure of the real name but its an "onion"

                                           some sort of passion flower.....


so amanda & matt, we're working our little butts off here & loving every minute of it!

they've made their own web site (amazing what we can do on the internet!!!) & they'll be tracking the progress there at the best wedding ever.  these are 2 great kids & they deserve the most wonderful day to celebrate when 2 become 1!


  1. The yard is looking amazing and your flower choices are beautiful.

  2. ~the flowers are so pretty...l♥ve the delicate pink hydrangea...its going to be such a beautiful oasis for you to enjoy...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. You are off to a great start in creating a paradise! Love your selection of flowers! Your 'onion' may be an allium and it is in the onion family. What a beautiful setting for a wedding!

  4. this is the sweetest post mom! i cannot wait to get home to hang out with you before the wedding! thanks for all of the hard work you and eric are putting into this for our special day!!! love you so much <3



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