Sunday, May 1, 2011

angel faces

i'm just a wee bit behind in my blogging.... again!
i've been working alot of overtime this last month and thank goodness it's over!
it really wasn't something i wanted to do but my manager was on a medical leave so i had to pick up more
responsibilities... therefore more hours.
the most exciting part is i used some of the extra cash to buy a new lens.
i've been out in the yard this morning, thoroughly enjoying the much awaited for sunshine, playing around with the "sweet spot".  i'll be sure to share some photos soon.

breaking news.... starting today through may 7th, the gals and i on the inspiration avenue team are auctioning pieces of their art to raise money for angel faces,  a non profit organization that provides healing retreats to teenage girls with facial disfigurements.  if you have a moment to check out their site, you will leave there feeling inspired and full of hope.

my contribution, up for bid, is a set of four photographs taken nearby at the beach.  i love the light and serenity in these photos.  perfect for cottage or beach decor...

there are lots of goodies available for bid with all monies going to angel faces.

mixed media, paintings, a cane, photography, jewelry, an art doll and a music box.

the bidding on these starts at $35.00.  free shipping too!

i am so into raising money for this worthy cause  that i am offering a little thank you to anyone who
bids on any item over at the auction.
come back and let me know and i'll send you a free 5x5 print... your choice!

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