Thursday, May 5, 2011


usually my hubby is home long before me but today he was not here when i arrived home from work.  i thought well this is great, i don't have to jump right in with the stories of my day.  

don't get me wrong... i love chatting with my honey but some days i just want to chill just a bit first. so i plopped down on the couch... turned on judge judy and was just starting to veg.

within minutes, he came bursting through the door... "come on, lets take a ride, i want to show you something"!

oh well, off came my slippers...

let me introduce our new family member...pooki!

so he's finding his spot with the rest of the kids...lucy, spanky and rocky.

we had been talking lately about getting a buddy for rocky and i quess today was the day.  
the decision was made.
cause that's how we do it!

isn't he just beautiful???

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