Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my visual poetry week 1

so i've had elements 7 installed for months now but every time i tried to do something in the program, i would freeze.  i bought two books to try to move me along but still i would start something...get stuck...& back out once again.  the books helped a little but what i really need is a companion sitting by my side...helping me along.  i learn best by watching.

so i signed up for a digital photo manipulation class with susan tuttle.  she's the next best thing to a companion sitting next to me.  she uses videos, screenshots & written instructions.  that's just what i need.... a combo of learning techniques.

so here's the results from the first week projects.....

retro cupcakes!!!!


vintage roses....

sweet spots & blurs.....



more retro....


so i am so thankful that susan is helping me overcome my fears that i would lose my photos or maybe crash my computer!

i can do this!!!    on to week 2.......


  1. Looks interesting. I really like the sweet spots and blurs, the strawberries are great.

  2. ~may i have the second cupcake please...i love how soft these pictures are...quite a tasty treat for our eyes...great job! brightest blessings~



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