Wednesday, July 14, 2010

meet rocky.....


we have a new addition to our family.... he came into our home 2 weeks ago, rescued from a flea infested garage with a multitude of neglected dogs & cats.  he was 8 weeks old & none of the flea products are safe at that age but i was able to find a natural bath that advertised safe for all ages.  i didn't have much confidence but it absolutely worked! 

i know some people believe that cats should be kept indoors at all times & i'm all for that if it works for them.  we live on a private road, very isolated & have 2 dogs that do a great job keeping any critters away from the house.  in the nice weather, we have a screen on our deck door that allows our dogs to come & go as they please so there really isn't any way to keep him in without sending our guys (who have lived here for years) into a tizzy. so... i believe the benefits of rocky's rescue outweigh the risks living here.  rocky is having a blast going in & out as he pleases, tromping through the gardens (his potty, yuk), but seems to have found his favorite playground on a table which holds family photos!  i've never used a squirt gun on a cat before but i'm thinking about it!

spanky & lucy "kinda" like him & do try to play.  after a few scratched noses, it's obvious already who rules the roost....

of course, i've already shot a couple hundred pictures & have put a couple in my etsy shop.

i am also offering a set of flashy, funky feline notecards with rocky & the other dudes (frankycrow & max) that took up residence with me through the years....

to celebrate my newest baby, i am offering a giveaway to one of my readers.  everybody likes free stuff, right? to be eligible, go take a look in photogenicgallery & tell me your favorite photo (& what you like about it would be nice).  for a second chance, link back to me from your blog.  for a third chance, give me a shout out on facebook or twitter.  let me know what you did in your comment.

one week from today (next wednesday),  i'll choose the winner via random generator. make sure i have a way to contact you.

thanks for stopping by.....


  1. Reminds me of my DoLittle! Such an adorable face:)I know he will bring lots of joy to your life.

    Tough picking a favorite...but I really like the old truck Polaroid!

  2. oh rocky is so lucky! and you're an angel :) i too believe that cats should be allowed outside to explore ... it's natural for them.



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