Wednesday, August 4, 2010

stress is awful

i'm feeling a little stressed right now so i thought i'd get it out of my head & on to paper (so to speak).  i requested to meet with my manager & the director of the program where i work.  it's scheduled for tomorrow first thing & i'm feeling really stressed as i try to organize my thoughts.  i won't go into alot of dreary details as that would get me going even more but lets just say i'm really disliking my job & there are some pretty unfair practices going on.  how do you tell your bosses that?  especially when you know that they know what's happening.  i've come to this point after months of dreading going to work every day...& i am serious...every day!  it's taking a toll on my attitude, mood & my health.  i'm not sleeping well, my stomach aches & the headaches - oh my!

for alot of reasons, leaving is not a choice right now.  i need to be solution focused.  i want to present some alternate resolutions to the issues. i need to pick my battles. i want to not get emotional when i talk to them.

i'm thinking i've got to try to relax tonight.  i need to do something that makes me happy.  i've made a few notes & now i need to set it aside.  i think i'll go take a relaxing bath & listen to my audiobook (even though it's about 80 degrees).  i'll call my daughter who always makes me laugh.  i'll follow my kitty around the yard as he romps through the flowers & bushes.


  1. Best wishes for tomorrow Pat !

    Your photographic images are so wondrous.. I especially love the wooden wheel and bee :) and the dog and the sunflower... lol

  2. read this after your balance post Pat, glad you talked and they working to solutions. It's the only way to be. Good on you.



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