Friday, January 28, 2011

after the storm

i know i've been talking alot about snow lately but i really feel like i'm being traumatized.  the best therapy is to just let it all out.  the story would not be the same if i lived in buffalo new york but i live where we may get a foot or maybe two in a winter.

from my front door the night before the storm

well, we had another storm yesterday that thundered another 15".  i heard the weathermen talking about snow thunder.... which i didn't even know existed.  it's like a summer thunder storm that dumps a bunch of rain very quickly.  this snow thunder storm was dumping 4" an hour.  i heard it.  the house shook!

i was up early prepared to go into work a little late.  i start at 7 am so i called and said i'd be in by 8. 

 images through my windows

my hubby told me i was being too "optimistic" and after attempting to step outside, i turned around and called saying i would be a little later than that....

a quick cup of coffee, some wicked bundling and i headed out first to fill the feeders.

the poor guys are just as traumatized as i....

my usual attire i wear in the hot tub that i haven't been able to get to in days.....

my house is on a private section of a road that the town won't plow due to "liability" issues.... i tell them i'll take my chances but no....
my driveway is up a hill with one way in, no turn around so you have to back down.  whoever built this was not a rocket scientist for sure!

now i don't want to sound spoiled.  i love my home but the phrase "snowed in" is so true...

that's my hubby zooming around on his mule and plow

so we started plowing and shoveling around 7:30 and by 11:00 i had no more to give...  i made another call to work and called it a day.

i'm usually a pretty mellow, even tempered person but at this point i was just a wee bit "mizzy" (as my hubby calls me).  i plopped on the couch and started googling about snow.

i'd like to share a couple of things that just turned my day around.....

thanks for listening...

if anyone would like to share just how mizzy they are, i'll return the favor.  or just google for awhile and maybe you'll find something that will put it all in perspective.

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  1. oh dear ... i hate to say this, i know for you who experience this on site it must be really traumatizing ... but ... it's BEAUTIFUL!!! the snow is beautiful ... the images so gorgeous ... i feel like i've been transported to another world!!



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