Saturday, January 22, 2011

the snow story

thinking back a few weeks to late december, i was wishing and hoping and praying for snow. on etsy, I searched all the winter white treasuries to get my fix. every time I heard the weather men on tv, I would stop in my tracks to listen for snow coming to connecticut.

then we had our first storm. not a big one, but I was tickled white. then another, a little bigger. last week we got over 2 feet in 12 hours. a few days later, another few inches.yesterday, another 6 inches and the forecast is calling for more on tuesday.  we've had 6 snow storms!

if it sounds like i'm whining, i'm not. so i've had a couple of falls, a few problems with our plow and our driveway has become a tunnel cause there's no melting going on. on these snow days, my commute to work is treacherous but glorious and so peaceful at the same time.

i love getting out in the snow with my camera. there's nothing more exhilarating than getting down on my knees and sometimes as far as my tummy to get the perfect view if need be. it's also good because i count it as my daily exercise that I so dearly dread!

my favorite photos are ones with a strong contrast between color and the pure whiteness. i think bare, snow laden tree branches are just as beautiful as the fall foliage (sometimes even more so).

have a great saturday and i'll share some more pics after the next snow.....


  1. ~winter all dressed in white...glimpses of life peaking through...something so magical happens within these cold still months...your photos are breathtaking and beautiful...savor your white winter wonderland...much love light and blessings my dear friend~

  2. Love this Pat!!!!
    This would work for the chalenge this week too.



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