Sunday, February 27, 2011


today while hanging around the house (it snowed again last night) i started a little spring cleaning.  i can't even begin to describe how badly i want to get outdoors, feel the hot sun on my face and point my camera up in the trees to capture the buds that surely are going to come.

i found this

and this!

these were taken about 10 years ago when i got my first canon.  it's a pleasant memory of when i drove day after day, searching and then discovering "the perfect pictures".  i would have to shoot a whole roll in a day or two so i could run to the drug store to develop.  i didn't do the one hour thing back then cause i didn't want to spend too much money and i knew there was going to be many more rolls to come.  

when i did pick them up, i would ooh and aah over my "perfect pictures".  

what did i know? 

really nothing.... i just started pointing and shooting!  

i found a whole big pile of photos i haven't seen in years so i think on another day, i'll start going through them all and scan some of the better ones.

but finding them did bring a little spring to my step!

so earlier this week at the grocery store i picked up this...

it's a pink hyacinth bulb in a glass vase that i will be able to watch grow.

i put it on a table right in front of the window so the sunlight will shine down on those amazing little roots.

grow, baby grow!

although my trip a couple of weeks ago to sunny, hot florida was wonderful, i do think it didn't help my winter blues.  i'm feeling more cabin fever and agitation than ever!  maybe it's just that it's been the worst winter in years and years.  

so spring cleaning continued....

to amuse myself, i had the duster in one hand and my camera around my neck....

the mantle is spiffy clean!

so it was a fairly productive day after all.  

through it all, lucy kept her eye on me.  she's a little concerned that momma's a little kooky lately....

i'm wondering how everyone else is doing this fine sunday? 

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  1. Lovely, lovely photos. That's what winter's about...digging through the old memories and choosing new paths. You were doing just what you should =) Hope the pink hyacinth is coming along now, and you are getting some signs of Spring.



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