Monday, February 28, 2011

fpoe photo swap

earlier this month, a gal named carrie from the female photographers of etsy group, came up with a brilliant idea!
now at the time, i didn't know her but had visited her shop - a sense of place photography - a cool place with lots of travel photography.

her brilliant idea was to spearhead a fpoe photo swap.  i say it's brilliant cause i love getting surprise mail, i love hanging photos on my walls (other than my own), i love making new friends, and i can explore a little slice of someone's world away from mine through the written word... yes on paper!

so i was paired up with two swappers and one of them was carrie!

she likes rust and flowers (so do i)!  so i popped a couple of rusty photos in the mail.  she talked about it here on her blog - cherry blossom tattoo.  now if you go read the post, you'll see that i neglected to write a wee little note introducing myself.

a couple days ago, i did just that.  the funny thing about writing a letter... you tend to ramble and can't delete it!  so i rambled, told her probably a wee bit more than a wee bit about myself.  but i wasn't about to rip up that pretty little card and start over so i popped some stamps on it and sent it over the sea!

this past year, i've started writing letters again and i'm so in love with it!  i love the feel of the paper (or cardstock), the flow of the pen (yes it is different than 2 pointer fingers), and the spontaneity of the word rush.  when i sit down to write, i just go with it!  no word plans, no revisions and most often i don't even proof it.  just slide it into it's carrying case and off it goes...

this is the photo she sent me.....

an adorable french poochie (from one of her travels)! hello bonjour!

so i look forward to telling you about my other swap soon!


  1. That's a cute photo! I love whiskery dogs - they always seem extra serious.

  2. Awww what a cutey... such a gorgeous photo!

    Yes, I adore writing letters too... it saddens me that it is often viewed as 'old fashioned' now. For me, there is nothing more tender and beautiful than traditional ink pen on scented parchment, tucked in an envelope with a stamp and seal... the options for creativity are truly immense!
    hugs xxx

  3. Yes, I agree =) Swaps and giveaways are sooo fun..and surprise mail is the best! I am just loving the gorgeous floral notecards you sent me for the OWOH giveaway...and made a blogpost about them with an unplanned pet photo of my own, LOL. Stop by and see....
    Luv, Kathryn



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