Saturday, March 5, 2011

in 10 days

today was cloudy and damp and i was feeling a little moushod...

so i brought a little cheer to my day experimenting with my 50mm 0.45m lens.  i mostly shoot with a zoom so it takes a little getting used to...

one of my favorite subjects is flowers and i had a few on hand...

a great way to pass the time!

i've totally loved tracking my hyacinth growth.  in 10 days, it's now standing a couple inches above the rim of the vase and just about ready to pop into bloom.  i'm so excited!

it was a non eventful saturday but just what i needed.  no housework done here!

i'd love to hear what you did with your day...


  1. Lovely blog you have here! Great photos! =)

  2. ~so much hope lies within these tiny flowers coming to be...hope of warmth and sunshine...a sense of renewal and energy emerging...spring has come slowly here and days filled with rain but i am anxiously awaiting the morning i wake and life is in full bloom! gorgeous are these photos you have taken my dear friend...much love light and blessings~



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