Thursday, August 20, 2009

launch into blog world! up until about a year ago, i only used the internet on occasion to shop, usually from catalogues. around christmas time, i saw a segment on good morning america about a site called etsy featuring handmade items from artists all over the world. i checked it out, bought a few things and within a couple of months i was opening my own shop selling my handmade jewelry. today, i will admit i am an etsy addict. i can spend hours browsing through fantastic shops, got hooked on curating treasuries, am preparing to open a second shop featuring my photographs, met a really nice group on the etsy for animals team, started on facebook and i entered the world of blogs. so as a natural course - here i adventure for sure!


  1. Welcome to Blog world, Pat.
    That's a nice shot !

  2. What a beautiful photograph - makes me want to look inside the window :>)

    Awwww...Juneau is adorable - thanks for the smile and best of luck on your blog!

  3. Great first entry Pat!! I have an orchid that finally is blooming after 2 years, they are so temperamental, I was so pleased it's finally happy now..feel's like I did something right..

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