Monday, August 24, 2009

under the sun.... a trilogy

on etsy, there are treasury queens, treasury addicts and girls that just want to have fun. i am part of a trio from the etsy for animals team that qualify for all of the above. we share our love for animals and treasuries. we take turns contemplating a title, wait for the opening gate, and charge.... we build a treasury of our delights. we get to promote etsy shops, tell a story, link to animal causes and have lots of FUN! my comrades are annette of dragonhouseofyuen and pey of peylu.


  1. Pat I love doing this with you and Pey!
    really is so much fun!!

  2. Oh, Pat, that's funny, I've been collecting all the screen shots and was putting the very first ones - Bolo and Tick Tock on a new blog for posterity and I was just adding a link to your blog and found this, I guess that proves it, great minds think a like or something like that.... hee hee.
    Have a look !
    I won't repeat what you've done and will add a link instead.
    So glad we are doing this !!
    xo P.

  3. I love the treasuries you guys make - always so beautiful & thoughtful at the same time.



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