Sunday, March 27, 2011

goodies in the mail

i am such a bad girl!

back in late january, i participated in the OWOH blog event and won!  not one but two gifts....

i received my prizes very quickly in february and here it is almost april before i am giving a proper thank you!

i am not totally rude cause i did thank the givers at the time but i do think it's important to recognize them here.... after all, it was a blog event.

i got these super cool fingerless mittens from amy of knitter of hats speaks.

my favorite colors are blue and green and these are just perfect! 
thank you amy!

so on another day, i was delighted to receive this friendly card in the mail with an atc card tucked inside from jennifer of just jingle.

from reading her blog, she is a talented crafter with such a bubbly spirit.
thank you jennifer!

last year, i participated in a pay it forward event and was informed by kathy of
tapestry 316 that i would receive a gift of art sometime during the year.  a surprise!
she is a watercolor artist with amazing skill at bringing nature to life in her art.

it was an absolute delight to receive these....

this is my spanky

 and lucy!

these are the photos i had posted on my blog at earlier times...

like i said....AMAZING!
thank you so much kathy!  what a beautiful gift from the heart!

a couple months ago, i participated in a photo swap started up by a sweetie
carrie from cherry blossom tattoo

this was chatted about here.

so i've received my second swap from jessica.
her etsy photography shop jessamae22 is full of beautiful work and she sent me these....

thanks jessica!  i love them!

to wrap it up... i am one lucky girl full of gratitude for these delightful gifts!
i hope you'll take a moment to visit them all!
happy sunday!


  1. I am so glad you like it!!! Your other gifts are so wonderful! Those watercolors of your pups are amazing and I LOVE those gloves!!!!

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed the gloves I made! Have a great spring!

  3. this is a gorgeous post! Oh you ought to write more often I love your style and boy aren't you a lucky duck! so many goodies in the post :)
    Thank you for the shout out too xxx

  4. I happen to be a friend of Kathleen of tapestry316, and her work is AMAZING! Those pet portraits are gorgeous!

  5. Thank you, Pat, for this lovely blog post! What wonderful gifts you have received! Thanks for the kind comments about your little portraits of Spanky and Lucy ~ they were very fun to do! Glad you are enjoying them!

    thanks also to Jingle =) and to you, dear Daffy! I appreciate your kind comments also!

  6. oh, wow, what fabulous gifts!! I'm jealous!

    Thank you for your sweet words about my prints--I'm *so* glad you like them:) Yours are displayed beautifully in my inspiration room!



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