Sunday, March 13, 2011

it's clear to me now that i'm ok

i often say to myself that i am looking for "balance" in my life...

i decided to look up the definition to see if that's the correct word  for what i'm experiencing.

these terms popped right off the page...."a state of equilibrium", "equal distribution" and "mental steadiness or emotional stability".  then because i like to know the dictionary definitions of things, i looked up "equilibrium".
it says "an equal action of opposing forces", and "an equal balance of powers and influences".

now i feel better because i don't know anyone who has found balance.... so i think i'll stop searching!

the next word that i'll look up is "scattered".  but i'll leave that for another day....

i started the 365 project today to help my focus and to keep me in the moment....

this was taken this morning while playing with my rocky.  he is always on the prowl...

it seems some people doing the 365 pick a theme like clouds or flowers or frogs and they take a photo each day, or they chronicle their photography progress, or use it like an art journal or daily diary.  for me, i think i'm going to use it to help my focus. no specific plans... just take and post a photo each and every day!

i'm exhausted thinking more about all the things yet to be done and i need to appreciate more what i am doing...

think it'll work???


  1. its a challenge for all of us to be in the moment... in that vein, i gave myself a new goal be in love with each moment =)

    simple... look at what's before me...and take a moment to feel love for it.

    thanks for your post, its a nice reminder to keep me on track! kathryn

  2. It is hard to remember to live in the moment when there are things "to do" on your mind. I think we need to make a conscious effort (like you are doing) until it becomes second nature. I LOVE your beautiful photo of your ginger cat Rocky!

  3. ha ha Pat! that's so funny! I think I need to look up scattered too ;)
    I think you have a good thing going there - take the daily photo and post them whenever you are ready - that's a nice mix!



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