Monday, April 12, 2010

in the beginning....

it was a beautiful day yesterday after all.  warmed up in the 70's & full of sunshine.  my husband & i got busy with some yard work. as some of you know, my daughter amanda is getting married here in june. we've got some long days work ahead of us doing major renovation & landscaping in the yard. it's so exciting & i will, of course be shooting pics all along the way!

with all the rain we've had recently we ended up with a small pond......

my hubby's best friend is a stone mason who does all our tile & stone work.  he builds amazing rock walls! what a bull!!!  fortunately for us, we have lots of old stone walls on our property so all we have to do is hop on the atv & go gather some stones.  i believe my husband said we loaded about 14 tons so far!  notice i said "we"!  after all,  i'm the photographer!

the wedding is going to be in the lower part of the yard all landscaped with fresh new lawn & loads of flowers....

living in the woods as we do, leaves are a natural landscape most of the year but of course, now we have to do some heavy raking....

                                        we did good!

we put in a fence along our walkway.... i stood on the rails as he cut with a chainsaw. whew that was some hard work!

                  at the end of the day... i stopped to smell the flowers!

                                          just an ordinary day!


  1. ~l♥ve..."just an ordinary day" what days you have then!! your yard is going to be gorgeous by the sounds of things...can't wait to see the finished result...your time and work will be appreciated and adored for many years to come...and happy you took a moment to smell the flowers...well wishes with all you have left to do and brightest blessings upon you always~

  2. Your daughter is lucky, it sounds and looks like she will have a beautiful setting for her wedding.

  3. WOW how fun is that. So happy for you. You have great property!!!
    Fun to see your picd and looking forward to the future pocs.
    Chck your rmail. working on somthing and need a pic from you!!!



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