Friday, April 2, 2010

the best spring day....

i am a registered nurse & work on a community based team with disadvantaged young adults.  they live in their own apartments & we provide psychiatric, medical, case management, vocational & life skills support.  i'm a supervisor & i carry a caseload so i have to balance my time between the office & out on the road.  since today was a holiday, there were only 2 of us working & i spent the day on the road with my coworker riding around administering medications & providing support visits.

i love being out on beautiful days.... like today!  i carried my faithful canon around my neck as my coworker drove the car.  she was so sweet & patient as i squealed with excitement at the stop signs & lights.

now i know everywhere you look on blogland these days there are gorgeous spring blooms bursting through the posts.... & i love looking at them all! 

but there's nothing better than being able to capture my own a - ha moments!

this is a beauty i just listed in my etsy shop. 

i experienced the most perfect spring day!  how about you?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I play at taking pictures and really enjoy looking at ones taken by someone who knows what they are doing.

  2. ~i can never get enough of such are so unique and simply divine...who couldn't embrace their magic...l♥♥♥ve the very last shot...wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend filled with blessings aplenty~

  3. oh WOW!!!! jaw dropping gorgeous!! and the color treatment is perfect and divine!



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