Wednesday, March 31, 2010

rain...rain...all gone!

the northeast was pounded for 3 days with a nor'easter of torrential rains!  it was something i've never seen before! all around me there was massive flooding & evacuations.... oh dear!  a dam on the main road nearest me didn't hold & i almost couldn't get home yesterday.  my basement flooded with 4 inches of water ruining almost everything down there. you might say "oh poor thing...that's terrible...

i say... thank you God! i slept in my own bed last night unlike those who had to leave everything behind & go to an emergency shelter. i didn't lose anything of value.  i got to stay home today & work with 6 good friends who helped clear everything out to a dumpster we had delivered.  we had a blast all working together. such fun!  my terribly unorganized & dirty basement is now spotless although still a little wet.  a job i've been avoiding for several years is now accomplished in one day!

i got new boots that i just love!!!!

and i snuck away for a few to curate a trilogy treasury with my friends annette & pey....

                                                       hot to trot!

what a great day!!!!! how was yours?


  1. What a fabulous attitude! I'm glad to hear you weren't flooded out of your house.
    Great boots.
    Beautiful Treasury. There is no link to the treasury, so i'm going to go see if I can find it =)

  2. wow pat!! lovely image! i love what you did with the umbrella! and those boots ... cute!!

    ahhh ... poor people who had to evacuate tho ... we get that every year during the monsoon season on the east coast of the country. people there build their houses on stilts, yet they still have to move things to the upper floors during the flood season. most of them have boats and their kitchens are built on the upper floors instead of the normal ground floor.

  3. I love the photo!! It's awesome how you found the silver lining in a situation that could have made most people lose their minds. I'm glad you got some help and ended up with a clean and tidy basement. Happy Friday ;))



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