Friday, March 5, 2010

photo 1

so i have some really crazy things going on in my life right now (i know.. don't we all).  i haven't been taking any time to do my art, shoot pictures or blog.  i'm also not doing much cleaning or paying my bills on time either! my daily routines which i so thrive on have gone by the wayside.   i'm loosing contact with my friends who have been sweet enough to take the time to support me & that really sucks!  i'm not visiting my favorite blogs or updating my etsy shops.
i decided today that despite the obstacles i'm facing right now, i'm taking back control of my life.  i'm starting with my passion.... my photos (better than starting with house cleaning)!  i'm going to post a photo here every day for a month. i'm going to try to shoot each day & post but i will at least post something i've taken recently, worked on in photoshop or is up for sale in my etsy shop.  i'm hoping it will normalize things & get me back on track.
thanks to all my well wishers... you've really helped to motivate me to move here goes....
day 1.....


  1. ~beautiful way to make a new start...i adore poppies! i wish you much needed moments for yourself to nourish your creative hard to balance such time but you seem to be ready for a positive change...may it lead you to a calmer path...brightest blessings~

  2. ahhh ... good to have you back and stronger my fren :)) love your new resolution! may you bloom as beautiful as the photos you take :)

  3. Ooooh you KNOW how I feel about Poppies- these are just glorious! So glad you're back and I really hope things are going better for you. If nothing else, creating your work again will be sure to help- I know for me, arting is as much therapy as anything else!
    I've missed you here on your blog and back at the team. I'm so glad you seem to be feeling better.
    BIG hugs,

  4. I love Poppies! I don't have any, lol, but my grnadparents use to and Poppies always remind me of them. I'll email you as soon as I have more time.

  5. Poppies are one of my most favorite ever flowers, especially the big orange oriental ones. Great picture and welcome back and wish you all the best with your plan.

  6. Love how you have captured the fragility of the petals !

  7. I sure understand how overwhelming life can be and I think your approach is fabulous! Keeping hanging in there. Love your first day choice, beautiful poppies!♥



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