Thursday, March 25, 2010

echo.... "collection"

tanya and i just partnered up to join in the echo project.  this is week 10 "collection".  after chatting for a minute about logistics we sent each other our photos & to my surprise & delight, i discovered we are both lovers of old things & chose that for our interpretation of "collection".
i have been collecting tiny perfume bottles for several years. some of them have been around since the 60's & i love smelling "old" too!
i look forward to many more echo weeks with tanya!


  1. Love your little perfume bottles. So sweet. Where on earth do you keep a collection like this?

  2. I love old too, it was fun to see your collection.

  3. What a fun project!
    Nice collection, love the little perfume bottles.

  4. i love your collection of vintage perfumes! Thanks for the lovely contribution to Echo:)

  5. old stuff is the best stuff! nice photos!



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