Saturday, April 10, 2010


i've been thinking alot about this blog thing lately.  i started last august without really having a goal or philosophy at the time.  i jumped right into it after getting all excited about opening a shop on etsy (that took lots of courage), finding blogs (i'd never even really knew what that meant), & meeting some really nice people through teams on etsy (i once thought that people who talked to people on the internet were a little strange)!

i've transitioned a few times with my purpose for blogging.  i've bragged about my etsy shop  (resulting in probably little or no sales), i've learned a new thing or two from reading other people's blogs (very valuable in my opinion), i've gained tremendous computer skills & i've met some more really nice people (& i no longer thing it's strange)!

sometimes i find myself really enjoying what i post.  sometimes it's an effort & i post because i don't want to lose my friends who have been faithful in visiting me.  i've gone through periods when i commit to a "project" just to keep my juices flowing.  that doesn't work cause i find myself giving up & feeling like a ditz or failure.

so i'm asking myself.... why do i blog?  when i like it... i really like it!  when is that?  on the occasions when i share something really meaningful.  sometimes it's a little story about my family & sometimes it's a photo that is really special or an extremely good shot.  when i'm feeling emotional or sappy i try to stay away from the keyboard lest i say something too personal & make a fool of myself. 

so you may be wondering what this confession is leading up to???  i'm not saying goodbye but rather  i'm entering a new stage of blogging.  i'll call it my blog makeover (i know... probably not too original).  i started a couple days ago when i played with the new blogger designer templates.  i was bored with my old look but feared changing in case i screwed it up.  well, i didn't.  i'm liking the new look & have a few more ideas to test out.  i'm also gonna start writing about some things that really matter to me. 

my faithful readers.... don't be afraid now! i haven't gone off the deep end... really!  i'm not gonna get into all that deep, dark psycho-babble stuff (at least not too often).  i think it'll be more like not holding back when i feel the movement to speak from my heart!  i'm gonna share more of my moments... both happy & not! i'll post when i feel like it & won't if i don't. 

so today i was going through some old photos & other precious odds & ends i've saved over the years.  i found these beautiful cards by maya angelou who i just admire so much.  i'll leave you these words from the back of one of them....

"poet, author, entertainer, mother sister, friend, role model.  maya angelou is these things & more to people all over the world.... a universal voice of hope & inspiration.  with compassion & candor, her work speaks to the heart, inspiring us to love life, to persevere through its challenges & to share our gifts with others."

it doesn't get better than that!


  1. Wonderful words and an absolutely gorgeous picture.

  2. ~wonderfl "makeover" soft and soothing color choice...i look forward to reading your words that will soon be! well wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Pat that's so wonderful to read! Just be yourself and use your blog as a lovely online 'diary/scrapbook' that you can visit and smile at as time goes by.
    I visit to share your life (that you choose to share) because I can't stop by in person and have a cup of tea with you - that would be a real treat though!!
    wonderful words and wonderful pictures!
    (ps I also thought those very same things as you!! :)

  4. I think Annette said it best. Use it as an online diary, and write what you feel. People do want to read it. It is more interesting when you add bits of your life, makes it easier to see we are all in this together



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