Friday, April 16, 2010

blossom celebration echo week 11

everywhere i  go these days, there are the bloomin trees! it's keeping me & my camera scrambling for a shot!  sometimes it takes me double the time to get to my destination.  now i'm not complaining cause i don't think i could ever tire of gazing at these gorgeous miracles of nature!  i don't know the names of the different cherries & magnolias but i certainly appreciate their beauty....

i teamed up with a fellow photo lover tanya & this is our submission to the echo project.......

to find out about how to join in the fun, check out chrysti and susan. 

happy friday!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

confused cactus

my christmas cactus (judy is her name) doesn't know its april.  she got a little confused back in october too.  in fact, she's lived here for about five years & she has yet to acknowledge christmas!  oh well, i accept her as she is.... warts & all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

in the beginning....

it was a beautiful day yesterday after all.  warmed up in the 70's & full of sunshine.  my husband & i got busy with some yard work. as some of you know, my daughter amanda is getting married here in june. we've got some long days work ahead of us doing major renovation & landscaping in the yard. it's so exciting & i will, of course be shooting pics all along the way!

with all the rain we've had recently we ended up with a small pond......

my hubby's best friend is a stone mason who does all our tile & stone work.  he builds amazing rock walls! what a bull!!!  fortunately for us, we have lots of old stone walls on our property so all we have to do is hop on the atv & go gather some stones.  i believe my husband said we loaded about 14 tons so far!  notice i said "we"!  after all,  i'm the photographer!

the wedding is going to be in the lower part of the yard all landscaped with fresh new lawn & loads of flowers....

living in the woods as we do, leaves are a natural landscape most of the year but of course, now we have to do some heavy raking....

                                        we did good!

we put in a fence along our walkway.... i stood on the rails as he cut with a chainsaw. whew that was some hard work!

                  at the end of the day... i stopped to smell the flowers!

                                          just an ordinary day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


the weather this week was almost summer like.  it hit 80 degrees twice!  this weekend however is more like the norm for this time of year.  this morning it's a little chilly & no sunshine yet but i'm still crossing my fingers....

so here's a little mellow yellow sunshine to brighten your day... wherever you may be....

a sunshine treatment available until tuesday morning!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


i've been thinking alot about this blog thing lately.  i started last august without really having a goal or philosophy at the time.  i jumped right into it after getting all excited about opening a shop on etsy (that took lots of courage), finding blogs (i'd never even really knew what that meant), & meeting some really nice people through teams on etsy (i once thought that people who talked to people on the internet were a little strange)!

i've transitioned a few times with my purpose for blogging.  i've bragged about my etsy shop  (resulting in probably little or no sales), i've learned a new thing or two from reading other people's blogs (very valuable in my opinion), i've gained tremendous computer skills & i've met some more really nice people (& i no longer thing it's strange)!

sometimes i find myself really enjoying what i post.  sometimes it's an effort & i post because i don't want to lose my friends who have been faithful in visiting me.  i've gone through periods when i commit to a "project" just to keep my juices flowing.  that doesn't work cause i find myself giving up & feeling like a ditz or failure.

so i'm asking myself.... why do i blog?  when i like it... i really like it!  when is that?  on the occasions when i share something really meaningful.  sometimes it's a little story about my family & sometimes it's a photo that is really special or an extremely good shot.  when i'm feeling emotional or sappy i try to stay away from the keyboard lest i say something too personal & make a fool of myself. 

so you may be wondering what this confession is leading up to???  i'm not saying goodbye but rather  i'm entering a new stage of blogging.  i'll call it my blog makeover (i know... probably not too original).  i started a couple days ago when i played with the new blogger designer templates.  i was bored with my old look but feared changing in case i screwed it up.  well, i didn't.  i'm liking the new look & have a few more ideas to test out.  i'm also gonna start writing about some things that really matter to me. 

my faithful readers.... don't be afraid now! i haven't gone off the deep end... really!  i'm not gonna get into all that deep, dark psycho-babble stuff (at least not too often).  i think it'll be more like not holding back when i feel the movement to speak from my heart!  i'm gonna share more of my moments... both happy & not! i'll post when i feel like it & won't if i don't. 

so today i was going through some old photos & other precious odds & ends i've saved over the years.  i found these beautiful cards by maya angelou who i just admire so much.  i'll leave you these words from the back of one of them....

"poet, author, entertainer, mother sister, friend, role model.  maya angelou is these things & more to people all over the world.... a universal voice of hope & inspiration.  with compassion & candor, her work speaks to the heart, inspiring us to love life, to persevere through its challenges & to share our gifts with others."

it doesn't get better than that!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

bloom treasury

i love flowers! just love them! if you browse through my etsy shop you will find lots of flower photo shots.  i can spend hours looking at flowers.  in fact, sometimes i do!  i devoted this treasury to some of my favorite etsy photographers & their flowers! the artists each use different techniques of textures, lighting, cropping & composition to produce gorgeous photos.

 lucysnowephotographysweetblue,  leapinggazelle,  hopeimages,   judemcconkeyurbandesign
flandersfield,   melissabeachraceytay,   leacatuscanystudios

please take a moment to check out their shops... if you love flowers like i do... you'll leave with a smile!

Monday, April 5, 2010

flowers .... day 1

spring is here!!! most days you will find me on the prowl with my trusted canon to capture every flower within a 5 mile radius.  each day that i succeed, i will be sharing my prize....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

                            hope your day was a great one!

Friday, April 2, 2010

the best spring day....

i am a registered nurse & work on a community based team with disadvantaged young adults.  they live in their own apartments & we provide psychiatric, medical, case management, vocational & life skills support.  i'm a supervisor & i carry a caseload so i have to balance my time between the office & out on the road.  since today was a holiday, there were only 2 of us working & i spent the day on the road with my coworker riding around administering medications & providing support visits.

i love being out on beautiful days.... like today!  i carried my faithful canon around my neck as my coworker drove the car.  she was so sweet & patient as i squealed with excitement at the stop signs & lights.

now i know everywhere you look on blogland these days there are gorgeous spring blooms bursting through the posts.... & i love looking at them all! 

but there's nothing better than being able to capture my own a - ha moments!

this is a beauty i just listed in my etsy shop. 

i experienced the most perfect spring day!  how about you?


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