Saturday, October 24, 2009

inspiration avenue weekly challenge: TRAVEL

so i was strolling along & happened upon a blog "Inspiration Avenue"  & was immediately attracted to the gorgeous blue with white flower background.  i decided to stay awhile to further delight my eyes.  i read about this challenge & immediately decided i wanted on board.  i'm like a little kid with a love for games, contests & challenges!  this week the theme is travel.  earlier this week i was hanging out on a nearby beach having a blast trying to get the seagulls to stay still & smile for my camera.  this picture is all about the travel!!!


  1. This is beautiful and you've captured the spirit of this week's theme just perfectly!! Thank you so much for finding us and participating in our challenge!

  2. This is a beautiful image! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. What's he got in his mouth I wonder! Lovely atmospheric shot!

  4. What a beautiful photo! It leaves you wondering where that bird is off to.

  5. what a fab image!! love the whole feel of it ... somewhat nostalgic and romantic... the seagull is definitely taking food home to his family which he has traveled a long way to get it ... we may travel the world, but everyone travels home in the end :)) this is the feeling i get when i see this amazing image :))

  6. I love seagulls ~ they're so cheeky! This is a beautiful photo. I love the feeling of movement ~ looks like he is gliding home with his prize!

    Glad you found Inspiration Avenue! Hope you keep doing the challenges!


  7. thank you all for the positive comments & warm welcome to inspiration avenue! luthien, i was feeling pretty much as you described...i do think he was heading home with dinner!

  8. Wonderful photo! Seagulls are one of my favorites because they are so naughty!




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