Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a word about potatoes.....

it used to be that you bought a bag of  potatoes and you could bake, fry, mash or boil them.  you made potato salad or maybe some hash browns.  now you go to the grocery store & spend oodles of time trying to decide..."do i want red or little red or organic red?"  oh but there's also white in 5 varieties.... how about russet, yukon gold, and the list goes on & on.  and that's only the produce aisle.  then you get to the boxed selection.  you can get 5 varieties of flavored mashed & when did scalloped become so fancy?  i might be accused of  discrimination or lack there of but they all taste pretty much the same to me.....

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  1. well Pat - at my local Farm Store the humble potato is indeed something of a speciality. You can choose a varitey that bakes well, or one to be made into chips for frying, or one for salads, or one for ..... the list goes on (and on!). Personally I love to eat 'baby new potatos' and 'Anya' potatos as they are just delicious!
    and long ago I've only ever had a flake type in a packet that you add boiling water to when you have nothing else left in your cupboard to eat!



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