Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm challenging myself....

i am not working today so am spending a little time blog hopping (is that a politically correct term?).  i came across a woman named jane who just started a project that caught my interest.  52 projects (see the link on my sidebar to get there) is intended to inspire us to try a new project each week & share it on sundays.  what i like about this is anything goes...big or small....not necessarily art which tends to be my can be anything!

wow, how great is that?  we all do so many things, try new things, have millions of little accomplishments that tend to get lost in the big world.  i know for myself, i can get bogged down with all the things i want to do & don't get to, but in reality, every day brings something inspiring..... a happy moment.  & i'm all about happy moments!

so i missed last sunday but i'm gonna tell you what i did yesterday.

my husband is quitting smoking.  i wanted to tell him how much i love him for that.  i made a heart in his whipped cream on the chocolate pudding.  the smile in his eyes was that happy moment!

so thanks jane!  i needed this!


  1. Oh, I am so excited to have you join us!! I love what you've done for your husband. I plan on doing a fun thing or two for mine as well. I have OODLES of things to share over this year: crafts, recipes, social experiments, etc. What fun it will be to share all of this fun with a group. Happy Wednesday ;)) Looking forward to seeing you over at 52 Projects on Sunday.

  2. ~beautiful and oh so sweet...such a loving and sincere way to show your affection...much strength with your husband and his journey of being a non smoker...tis not an easy thing to do...stay focused...breath...aahhh! sounds as if he has a supportive loved one to cheer him on...brightest blessings~

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge (52 projects). Love the way you chose to show your husband you love him.

  4. oh my!! that is so truly sweet :)) wishing your hubs all the best in his endeavor and like the chinese saying goes "jia yu" !! (you can do it!)

  5. Hey Pat, I wanted to let you know I've left an award for you on my blog♥



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