Saturday, January 23, 2010

inspiration avenue weekly challenge.... mystique

i love the word mystique.  i say it with the emphasis on "steek".  when i looked up the definition, i found other words i love too.....charisma, charm, magnetism, aura & mystery!

i've been working lately with acrylics & my photos but i'm thinking i'm running out of time to start a's due tomorrow!  so i just did a scroll through my photos, which btw are an absolute mess!  i need to form more folders & put trees with trees & so on... on my list of things to do.

i love this shot of the venice canal i took from the rialto bridge.  it's hanging in my stairway along with some other favs from my trip to venice.  i actually think it has old world mystique by itself!

then i found the charming beauty.  i've been experimenting with some simple digital collage so i thought i'd give it a go.  i immediately fell in love. i think it is so "mystique"!

i'm adding this to my etsy shop along with some of my other venice shots already listed.  i wouldn't mind at all if you took a peek!


  1. Pat, there is a definite mystique to this collage! The whole thing just makes you wonder about the woman, who she is, what she is thinking, why she looks so sad. It's beautiful!

  2. that's turned out very well Pat! the colours and feel and placement just go prefectly together!
    mystique is a nice word!

  3. oh wow pat!! this is stunning! my hair stood on it's ends ... it's like a ghost of this lady is still waiting ... perhaps for someone to return, or something has not been completed yet and she refuses to leave. this is both poignant and romantic. and of course mystical ...

  4. wow this is amazing very cool leaves a lot to the imagination for sure

  5. Wow this is unbelievable.
    Wonderful work.

  6. I love this, wondering what she's thinking to make her look so sad in such a beautiful place. Well done, my friend!

  7. Venice... ah what a perfect choice for the theme, in fact, I can't think of anywhere more appropriate. Your ghostly lady clearly has a story to tell...

  8. This is really lovely Pat! Your mysterious lady is beautiful, and compliments your photo of Venice perfectly!

  9. Pat, wonderful job. I love the level of opacity this has.

  10. You did such a wonderful job on last week's challenge - gorgeous!

    I know what you mean about the photos, mine are in serious need of organizing too. ;-)



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