Saturday, January 30, 2010

sunshine award

i very happily accept this sunshine award presented to me by my two friends, charlie & sharon!

charlie, aka charlotte is a multi talented talented woman who creates gorgeous pendants from old broken china plates, designs digital collage elements, & she's a mixed media artist who works in acrylics & watercolors.  she says her creativity is a gift from God & i believe that.  God is good & charlie is blessed with loads of talent.  she has a shop on etsy......charlottes collection.

sharon is a super sweet lady who heads up the inspiration avenue team.  she is inspiring, witty, fun and a fantastic graphic design artist (& very kind to share free designs from her blog for your blog).  she also designs unique & sparkling jewelry.  she has 2 etsy shops, manamoon studios & plumrose lane.

please take a few moments to check out these wonderful women!

the rules for accepting the sunshine award are not too difficult...

put the flower logo on your blog or within your post
pass the award onto 12 bloggers & link them within your post
let the nominees know about the award by posting on their blog
share the love & link to the person from whom you received the award

that's it.....

i've met so many great people through etsy & blogging but i had to narrow it down to the required 12.... 

so here are my nominees for the sunshine award.....chosen for their talent & spirits!

lulu: a very funny lady who makes beautiful jewelry
annette:  a dedicated animal lover & bunny rescuer talented in collage art & she makes delightful arabella bags
sarah:  i just love her photography & sweet nature
liz:  a wonderful soul who shares her story of adopting a little girl & takes great photos
nicole:  a lover of the earth who makes a variety of eco friendly products
darla:  an angel & talented artist 
ellen:  she has a unique eye & transfers that to her work
betty:   a fantastic illustrator who is always uplifting & inspiring
faerwillow:  great with poetry through her photography
luthien:  she designs & makes unique jewelry & always makes me laugh
sharon: she's a fantastic leader of the pack & a very talented lady in jewels & graphic designs
bonnie:  i love her spirit & life philosophy & she paints & takes great photos too


  1. Ohhhhhhhh, thankkie Pat! I received this from Charlie too!! You ladies are fabulous!

    xoxo, L

  2. Awwwww, thank you Pat!! This is such a beautiful and cheerful award and I'm honored that you thought of me! Thank you very, very much!!

  3. ~yes...vibrant and cheery indeed...congrats to you and thank you so for passing this along to me! brightest blessings~

  4. awww... thank you so much pat!!! i am very very honored :)) thank you!!
    luthien :)

  5. Congrats to you!
    You are very deserving of this sunshine award. I am so honored that you thought to pass it along to me as well as these other fine blogs. I almost missed your email, with all the OWOH activity, it is so hectic! All I seem to do is go from blog to blog, lol!
    Congratulations, and thanks you! I am going to check out the other blogs now :-D

  6. Oh my goodness :)
    THANK YOU for selecting me as one of your 12 !

    hum... in fact... i'm a little speechless... so i shall get started on my homework and spread the sunshine and return with soon...


  7. Hee hee, I feel a little embarrassed, I didn't realize you had won the Sunshine award before - but I think you deserve it again!



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