Saturday, January 16, 2010

in the midst of chaos.....

it was my turn to pick the title for the treasury trilogy i do with pey & annette & i was feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself at that moment.  i've been having some health problems & feeling kinda cranky lately & it seems things are just getting a little out of control!  so the title was a reflection of the chaos i'm feeling right now.

then there's the tragedy in haiti!  horrifying! i am weeping for all the people & i can't get the thoughts & images out of my mind....

in preparing for my treasury, i did a search on haiti & i was astounded by the number of people that are promising to donate proceeds to the relief funds.  what a wonderful, generous group!  so i switched gears & did a treasury highlighting some of these shops......

i'm usually a pretty happy, grateful person but definitely have slipped in a little puddle lately.  sometimes it takes looking around to come back to the reality of how thankful i am for my life as it is....warts & all!


  1. I'm sorry you've been having a rough time, Pat.

    I think it's wonderful that even though you've been feeling low yourself, you've taken the time and effort to put together this wonderful Treasury to highlight this worthy cause.

    I made a little purchase to help support it, it's not much but I guess every little helps. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Angie xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Pat. It's a wonderful treasury and it will certainly help to get the word out about these generous shops. Angie is right: every little bit adds up to quite a large amount!

    I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. hope you're soon back to your spunky self. Let us know if there's anything we can do!

  3. Sorry you havent been feeling to well, I hope you feel better soon and what a lovely thought and a beautiful treasury.
    Elaine x

  4. thank you so much for sharing this treasury.

    i am sorry to hear you are not feeling well -- hope you will be well soon.

    Looking forward to Digital Photomanipulation 2!

  5. thank you for thinking about Haiti and making the treasury Pat. Delightful to be part of a team with two very special, caring and intelligent ladies! best wishes for feeling great, Annette

  6. I absolutely love the Treasury you created Pat, it's so perfect. I do hope your spirits have lifted a little more since last week and I'm looking forward to seeing your next beautiful Treasury!♥



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