Sunday, January 24, 2010

spring fresh teal

i'm glad to live in new england!  i do appreciate all the seasons & the differences they bring. 

i get excited when the leaves change color & float through the air, when the fresh new buds appear in the spring & my world is full of sweet bird songs & relaxing with the summer sunshine beaming on my face.  winter has it's place in my heart as the crisp air turns cold & i get to carry in the firewood & snuggle in front of the dancing flames with a cup of hot chocolate

i'm not sure i could pick a favorite time but i do know winter is last!  i adore the first snow! & a couple after that....then i'm done.  i don't particularly enjoy shoveling or treading on ice anxious not to fall.  the layers needed just to keep from shivering make me feel fat!

i'm done with winter & i hope she's almost done with us!

spring fresh teal!!!!


  1. I'm eagerly waiting the return of my friend Moist and his clan, the red-wing black birds.
    Last year, Moist was sighted amongst the early birds in March.
    We haven't had a real taste of winter in Toronto yet so perhaps that means an early spring !! One could dream.

  2. gorgeous color!! it speaks of newborn, serenity, growth and hope.

  3. Love this Treasury you created Pat, the colors are some of my favorites!

  4. Your blog and art are simply gorgeous. You have inspired me to get out with my camera a little more. A few years ago I took my camera out in to the country and started a series of old barn photos. I don't know why I stopped. I love New England. Before I got remarried last year my parents and kids and I used to rent a house on a lake in New Hamsphire with an incredible weaving center in town. I spent all my days knitting in their yarn shop and sipping good coffee. NOTE TO SELF: get back there this summer.



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