Saturday, November 14, 2009

cinnamon & rust......inspiration avenue weekly art challenge

i am blessed.  i have a house.  it sits on land that includes about 7 acres of woods.  if you're looking for me i usually can be found there with my camera.  sometimes i also have my husband & my dogs along. i can wander & explore all seasons of the year.. that's what so cool about the woods.  for the last two months the air is blazing with vivid reds, yellows, & oranges.  soon the trees will be bare which is just as beautiful as then you can see the art in the branchs & trunks.  then there will be the fresh & pure snow & oh that is just gorgeous!  watching the first buds pop is just so amazing & i feel so alive!  then comes summer with the newness of the full, lush greens. 

like i said.... i am blessed!

this week i found my entry for the inspiration avenue weekly challenge.  it is cinnamon & rust!!!

 that's spanky!


  1. that is an awesome image of the tree!! and such a wonderful entry for rust!! the wonders of nature!!

  2. wow love all you images LOVE LOVE you did great!!

  3. That sure looks like some mean-looking beast you got there in that last shot (I'm talking about the saw, not the dog - he's cute). I really love the contrasts of the gorgeous orange leaves and the blue sky in the middle pic. I've just been out with some son taking some autumn piccies. Everything's blowing about quite a bit though!

  4. how lovely to have all that woodland... lovely shots

  5. Gorgeous submissions and what an absolute treasure to have all that surrounding you every day, oh how I miss it!!♥

  6. What LOVELY surroundings you've captured and shared ... beautiful colors ... lovely clear blue skies. My lab Molly would LOVE to meet your Spanky ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Beautiful photos ~ all of them! I especially like Spanky and the rusty saw blade. You truly live in a beautiful place!

  8. I am so glad you came out to play with us. Your submissions were great. Loved the leaves. Living on 7 acres must be fun. Like a kid hunting fro treasures.;D You are blessed, and so am I.



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