Friday, November 6, 2009

photo of the week......sunset

my entry for the photo of the week was taken just before dusk on a nearby beach. jessica rogers hosts a challenge where she will post a photo each week from anyone on the photographers on etsy or the polaroid teams who wishes to participate.  no theme, the only requirement is to submit a photo taken during that week.  i usually take my camera every time i leave home.  this day, i was on my way to run some errands & had gotten about 2 miles from home, realized i forgot my camera & turned around to get it.  i'm glad i did.  i spent about an hour just hanging out absorbing the serenity of the sunset & the emergence of dusk. we only get pink skies maybe once or twice a month so i'm grateful i turned around.   the sky was gorgeous!

thank you jessica for hosting such an inspiring challenge!


  1. magnificent!! the wonders of all things natural!!

  2. You are very welcome Pat. Thanks so much for the link! :)

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