Sunday, November 22, 2009


i'm getting ready for the BIG day....  thanksgiving is always such a special time in our home.  my husband loves to cook (i don't but i do help).  he cooks, i clean up.  being italian, my husband always make a huge dish of lasagna along with the turkey or ham.  it's the hit of the dinner & there's always enough for people to take home a doggie bag.  he started the list & i've started the house cleaning...yuck!  we've got 11 family members coming this year.  it'll be the first time we'll all get to sit around our cool new harvest table (with various mismatched chairs).  i always get excited with all the prep & knowing we're going to have such great fun.

this year i am sad though. my daughter is not going to be here.  she moved across the country in may & this will be our first thanksgiving without her. it seems a little weird.  she is my best buddy. we've always been really close & neither of us ever expected this move.  the plan was that she would grow up, get married, have my grandkids & build a house on our property.  i would always be part of her daily life. her boyfriend's job was relocated to texas & she had to follow. they've been together since high school & all through college.  they'll  be getting married. she loves her man but she is not happy that she's so far from home.she wants the best of both worlds.  i'm so proud of her diligence & ability to adapt. she teaches first grade, has found a church she loves, & is making grown up decisions. instead of seeing her face,  i have become her commuting partner.  we talk on the phone every morning & night as she makes her hour drive.

it's sometimes difficult for me to remember that my little baby, my gift from God is all grown up.  we get these blessings but it's so easy to take ownership.  she's mine... we had these plans.... she's been part of me for so long.  literally seeing her beautiful face almost every day for 24 years.

 i didn't see this coming.  like i said... we had plans.
today i was reminded that we can make all the plans we want but we live out God's plan.  i needed that little push to get me back to remembering just what i am thankful for.  i am truly thankful that i was given this gift to nurture, to teach, to love. she is living out God's plan, her plan & mine.  she's a beautiful person....she's kind, gentle, caring, thoughtful, & giving.  i will always have that in my heart no matter how far away she is.

so... i'm gonna get myself psyched & throw myself into the day when i will have joy with my family despite the little ache in my heart. & i will patiently wait for december 19th when she arrives for a 10 day visit.  a blessing indeed!


  1. Hi Pat :)
    Thank you for the sweet comment, I am happy to meet a new friend in love with her daughter...I can't get enough of my Mia!
    I think I will stalk you...if you don't mind
    xox, Lisa

  2. what a beautiful and heartfelt post. i think i can imagine your emotions ... my baby is still only 4 years old but i do think of the day when she has to take flight and soar. letting go is a difficult thing but sometimes it is the best gift you can give someone ... like what my daddy and mommy gave me... cos i know i'm my own woman now. have a great thanksgiving my fren :))

  3. You and your daughter are lovely! Your post reminded me of a saying I heard awhile back:
    "If you want to see God laugh, just tell him what your plans are"
    My second son was a surprise too, but I couldn't have been more blessed! I like His plans for me!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,
    p.s. thanks for visiting :)

  4. thank you all for your kind words...

    lisa, i don't mind stalking!

    luthien, i know what you say about letting go is true & i need to keep working at it!

    darla, i'm certain God laughs at me often.

    happy thanksgiving to you all, too.



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