Sunday, November 1, 2009

treasuries of days!

i try to save all of my being the treasury addict that i closet is packed!  every once in a while i need a fix so i pop open my folder & there they are...just waiting!  i'm a visual person & just love to look & look. i also dream, fantasize & yes ... i'm in my glory when i can buy!

i have a tremendous appreciation for all the etsy talent i see.  i've taken an oath... i will always look at etsy first before buying a gift!  with such a variety of handmade goods, there is always something to find!


  1. so well put Pat! I agree with you completely on all points!

  2. Pat, I am like you, I always look at Etsy first before buying a gift. I vowed to buy handmade since last Christmas and it's been wonderful!


  3. I agree too, shopping on Etsy has been such a pleasure!

  4. Oh I'm with you Pat, I'm a totally visual person and LOVE all the goodies on Etsy!!



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