Saturday, November 21, 2009

romance......inspiration avenue weekly challenge

i love the challenge each week to come up with a project to submit to inspiration avenue. i chuckle when i think about all of us working like crafty little beavers throughout the week.  it is such a delight to see what has inspired the other artists & really look forward to seeing all the submissions.

this is a photo of wall art located in a nearby town......

 i did a little cropping & sepia tone......

a little more cropping, printed it on moab matte photo paper & added some surface chalks.....

voila..... a delightful "romance" card!


  1. Oh this is gorgeous Pat, beautiful work!! I had to laugh at your comment too about all of us feverishly working throughout the week - so true!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Pat. I love this. Perfect for Romance. Gorgeous mural and the card is perfectly lovely. Yes, we are all busy beavers. I just finished my piece a couple of hours ago. Have to wait until daylight to photograph it.
    Glad you are playing with us.

  3. wow pat!! this is such a lovely entry for this week's challenge! so unique and the card came out totally gorgeous!! your original image could have made it anyway cos when i saw it, it struck me as an image of an old building or some sort of ruin, forgotten but have centuries of stories to tell... now that is pretty romantic!!

  4. Incredibly creative. Nice bit of art to find in the street too! Not much like that round here!

  5. Great image Pat - I love the way you have explained your creative process too :)

  6. I'm so glad you explained and showed us the process you took to come up with this piece. It's really a beautiful piece of art. You are so creative.



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