Sunday, November 8, 2009

inspiration avenue weekly challenge: frosty

when i saw the challenge this week was "frosty" i was pretty excited.  it's been getting pretty cold at night so i thought i'd be able to get an early morning shot.  well that didn't work out cause every morning i was running late for work so didn't have time to stop to take any pictures.  i switched gears & was going to shoot the butter cream frosting on the carrot cupcake a coworker brought in for lunch.  i ran out to my car to get my camera & when i returned....she had already eaten it!  then i thought i'd capture the top of a friends root beer but before i could get set up, she sucked the foam off the top!  oh no now my wheels are spinning....

every year at this time, i pull out all kinds of craft supplies & start making little holiday treats.  nestled in between these soldered microscope slides is my "frosty".  he started out life as a xmas card a few years back and now he's all ready to bring holiday cheer to a tree or on a cool gift.  he can be tucked anywhere there's need for a little slice of  winter or season delight!  saved by the snowman!!!


  1. awwwwwwww....... he is ADORABLE!!!! YAY!! someone did frosty the snowman :)) i adore him!! superb entry for this week's theme :))
    luthien :)

  2. I was hoping to see someone do a snowman!! He's so cute!

  3. AW, he is absolutely adorable! I love him so much! What a wonderful submission! I am so glad you came out to play with us. I am off to look at your shop to see if you added him.

  4. Your "Frosty" is really cute! Those little microscope slides are ingenious - great idea!

  5. A beautiful idea - and recycled too!

  6. These are darling Pat, just wonderful!!



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