Friday, November 20, 2009

rug up.....

i realized i haven't posted any of my treasuries lately so here are a
few of  my most recent....

                                           "black forest cuk"

this one was inspired by a gift from my husband....  
he brought home a cuckoo clock to go in our newly
remodeled "library".  i've never seen a real live "cuckoo"
& he is adorable!

                                       "friday favorites"

"hop to it"                                                               

                                          "visions of hope"
                     and this one can be found here until 11/22 10:00am

"rug up"

this is part of a trilogy of the same title done with my etsy for animals friends annette and pey.  both of these warm & caring ladies are parents to rescue rabbits & are running raffles to raise money to help the needy buns.

you can visit annette's blog & check out her raffle to raise funds for the rabbit & guinea pig welfare  in england.  pey has selflessly donated a piece of "charlie" art to raise funds for the buckeye house rabbit society. 

to see more of our fun trilogies you can visit our blog of collective treasuries - "in the making""!

happy friday!!!!!


  1. Oh my! I love your treasuries. I love animals, especially puppies. who can resist? I'm such a sucker in that way. Your photos are awesome! Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  2. I love your selections and themes! The titles are fabulous too, I always have such trouble selecting titles and yours seem so natural and fitting!



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