Saturday, November 28, 2009

inspiration avenue weekly challenge.... french

oh wow! this week just flew!  it's saturday night & i  realized i haven't worked on a project for this week's challenge... well i first thought i would sit this one out but nah! can't do it! i'm a team player so i just have to think a little harder & work fast! i thought & i thought & then i looked through some vintage beads thinking i might whip up a pair of french-esque earrings.  couldn't pull it off.  so then i scrolled through my photos i took when i visited france last year.  i had an idea that might work. it was not too difficult, didn't take much time but i tried to be inspired so i think it counts!


  1. A postcard from Paris and it looks like they are having the same weather as we are today! The architecture is so typically French, great shots!

  2. Four lovely images! I love that you've put your own stamp onto the Eiffel Tower photo, it's such an iconic image it must be hard to come up with a new way to look at it!

  3. I'm so jealous! lol I want to go to Paris and take my own photos. Yours are fabulous.

  4. oh how neat I love it.
    My daughter is taking french in high school and wants to go there too.

  5. Love the old architecture. Great piece!

  6. You did such a wonderful job on last week's challenge I love your mosaic collages!!



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