Thursday, November 5, 2009

meal time at pat's house....

 i'd rather do almost anything else than cook.  if it weren't for my husband who provides me with daily meals, my sustanance would be cereal & butterscoth krimpets.  don't get me wrong... i do absolutely appreciate a good meal but only when it's prepared by someone else!

i'm not sure how it happened but i have become my guys chef!  i certainly didn't volunteer & i would have flunked an audition.  lucy & spanky expect me to feed them every morning & every night.  they don't ask my husband...just me!  first thing every morning  i stumble down the stairs & before my eyes are all the way open or have a chance to hit the coffee machine button...they are jumping & barking all over me. 

now lucy is on a diet because she's a 30 pound lhasa who eats everything (even inedible items) and they have separate rooms, special foods & different dinnerware.  lucy's food is measured & goes in the white bowl.  spanky has to have his veggies stirred in the blue bowl or he'll just sit there & look at me.  they eat in 2 different rooms because lucy gobbles like a maniac while spanky relaxes & savors his morsels. lucy will go  beg from her brother when she's done (in one minute flat) so i play referee!

this morning, spanky was done in one minute flat whille lucy was still gobbling.  this was so unusual so i asked spanky if he ate everything so lucy would't get a second helping.  he didn't respond so i went & checked.  lo & behold... the white bowl was empty & lucy was grinning up to me from the blue bowl!  my husband & i started our day with the biggest laugh!!!! 


  1. Hysterical! I love it =) I have two adopted furries and I have to stand between them when they eat. In the past I had two hounds and I had to feed one inside and one outside to make sure they ate right =p Too funny! Only once did I have three pooches - that really creates some juggling! hehe!

  2. thanks for visiting kathleen.... when they say "dogs rule" i get it!



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